Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Canada schooner Bluenose

In January 1929 Canada issued what some people believe to be the most beautifully designed stamp ever, the 50c Bluenose (Scott 158).  

The image shows the famous Nova Scotia fishing schooner Bluenose, which also appears on Canada's 10c coin  Bilingualism had become important in Canada by 1929, and the Bluenose stamp is also bilingual, in English and French.  The engraving was done by the American Bank Note Company.

Bluenose was wrecked in 1946.  The speed and power of this wind-driven craft can be well judged from the 1938 photo below.

Fifty cents was a lot more money in 1929 than it is today, so the stamp was never cheap.  There is still a strong demand for the Bluenose, especially from collectors in Canada and the United States, and an unused copy in fine condition can go for $200 or more.  Used copies in reasonable condition can be purchased for $15 or so on Ebay. 

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